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The Smarter Dog Food Scoop

Who needs another device to charge
The connection between handle/scoop is reinforced for long lasting use.
The doubled slider makes it difficult for kids to accidentally readjust
100% recyclable plastic made for the Little People.
Equipped with the perfect grip and a scoop that is intelligently designed to keep food in until you're ready to pour.
Measurements can easily be viewed on the handle. No more struggling to read gradients inside the scoop!

How It Works


Set the rotating calorie wheel to the calories (kcal) in your chosen dog food.


Set the vertical slider to your dog's recommended weight.


Scoop once in the morning, once in the evening!
(i.e. a dog weighing 25 lbs.)
Scalable for all Breeds
At times, we need to buy different brands of dog food, which makes it difficult to keep track of the proper amount of food to feed your dog. Set the Buddy Scoop to the calories that their food label displays, then the weight (lbs) your dog should be. Done in 15 seconds!
Intelligently Designed & Maintained
The Buddy Scoop is designed to hold almost exact measurements based on what you set.
Flexible & Customizable
Imagine if every time you bought dog food, the cashier took $1.25 off. On average, that's what Buddy Scoop will save you per bag! By feeding your dog exactly what they need, every dog owner can be a pro saver!
The Buddy Scoop takes the guess work out of how much to feed by using the easy to read by weight (lbs), cups, or ounces (ozs).
Have peace of mind knowing portions are consistent, no matter who’s doing the feeding. Just Scoop and Go!
No more over-feeding means less food consumed and that means huge savings; the Buddy Scoop pays for itself in four months or less!

How much should my buddy weigh?

Find your buddy’s ideal weight!

It's important to know your dog's ideal weight and
we'd love to help!

If you can't find your dog, be sure to ask your vet! They'll also be able to tell you how many calories your dog should be eating every day to maintain a healthy diet.

Please note that at this time, Buddy Scoop is only for adult dogs.

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Recommendations by: American Kennel Club
What Our Customers are Saying
The Buddy Scoop makes feeding
responsibly a breeze, no matter who's
doing the feeding in the house. I even
gave one to my sitter.
Akron, OH
No matter what brand of food
I buy for the week, maintaining my
dog's weight is so much easier now that
I use the Buddy Scoop.
Los Angeles, CA
I'm saving so much money using
the Buddy Scoop and the great part
is that it's effortless!
New York, NY
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Absolutely! However, we are creating one specifically for cats since they need a more detailed scale in two pound increments (i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8 lbs) ... coming soon. Sign-Up Here to be notified immediately when the Purfect Scoop becomes available.
  2. Yes! The Buddy Scoop can be used for dogs weighing 90+ lbs.
  3. An independent study shows you will save an average of $1.25 (or 12.5%) per bag of dog food that costs $9.99 thus paying for itself in less than four months.
  4. The Buddy Scoop will be available in three sizes:
    • Small (1 cup): 5 - 20 lbs
    • Medium (2 cups): 25 - 50 lbs
    • Large (3 cups): 55 - 90+ lbs
  5. Absolutely! Three colors (Blue, Green and Tan) will be available immediately but check back for updates on additional colors.
  6. The Buddy Scoop will cover calorie ranges between 300 - 500 in 10 calorie turning increments. (300, 310, 320 ... 480, 490, 500).
  7. Please check with your Pet Insurance Company.